Valuable Golf Instructions to Change Your Golf Game

Learning the game of golf can be daunting at first because there are literally hundreds of different golf instructions books, guides, magazines, etc. out there. So what’s a golfer to do if he or she wants to learn the basics of golf?

Based on my experience, you should first find a solid golf instructions book by a reputable PGA teaching professional that covers the basics of golf from tee to green. Key topics covered by the ideal golf instructions book includes:

  1. Brief history of the game of golf
  2. Overview of the sport – how it is played, scoring and basic rules
  3. Basics of golf equipment
  4. The fundamentals of the golf swing
  5. Understanding of the various “sub-games” of golf including long game (tee shots), mid-range game (longer iron shots), pitching and chipping game (short range shots), sand/bunker shots and the putting game
  6. Golf instructions sections for the sub-games (i.e., basic golf instructions on how to set up and execute full swing, pitching game, putting game, etc.
  7. The mental side of golf
  8. Golf practice plans for beginners (i.e., how to approach learning the game, practice routines, etc.)

Once you develop a decent understanding of basic instructions Golf Instruction & Product Reviews , I would recommend that you then go to a driving range for about a month or so and simply start hitting some short shots. I would only take one or two golf clubs with you, say a 9-iron or a 7-iron and start hitting some very short shots to try to get a general feeling for the swing and working your way to some longer shots. However, I highly recommend that you keep your EGO IN CHECK throughout this entire month and do not worry at all about how far you hit the ball. You goal should be first to hit the ball and hopefully get it off the ground, period.

After about a month of doing this, I would then recommend getting some professional golf instructions from a certified PGA teaching professional. Some would argue that you should first get professional golf instructions before ever hitting a golf ball, but I disagree. In my experience, I got a lot more out of my professional golf instructions when I had some sort of clue what the PGA pro was talking about. If I simply went into the professional instructions blindly, then I would spend a lot of money simply by reaching the same point I could have achieved by initial self-study.

However, you cannot underestimate the value of good PGA pro golf instructions once you start to develop some sort of golf swing fundamentals and once you find a good golf pro whose teaching style and philosophy gels well with you, you will greatly accelerate your learning. Best of luck!

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