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Big data is the next big thing, they say. More and more people today are rushing towards careers in Big Data. So, what is it all about? We need to know that first. It basically describes a large volume of data that includes both structured as well as unstructured data. This is a sort of data that can form the basis of strategic decision-making for any companytoday.This concept gained a lot of momentum since 2000 and going strong.

CareersIn Big Data – A Craze

There are various opportunities in the domain of big data today. And that is the reason, so many youngsters want to get into it. It will give their career the much-needed boost today. There are many reasons why it is successful. They are:

  • Big demand in the market for such professionals.
  • There is a shortage of talent in the stream of big data today.
  • Moreover, you can get a wide range of job choices in the field of big data. The three domains where you can job are predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and descriptive analytics.
  • Since the demand for people in careers in big data is huge, companies offer huge salaries.

What Are The Careers in Big Data?

  • Big Data Engineers are one of them. These professionals will be responsible for building designs. It is one of the most demanding of careers in Big data. Moreover, it is the most common role that companies look for. The Big Data Engineers develops, tests and manages big data solutions.
  • Data Scientist jobs are also quite lucrative. These people have an analytical bent of mind. They deliver the much needed technical skills for the job. These people deal with structured as well as unstructured data.
  • Big Data Analyst is another important opportunity or role that exists. This talent is not available so easily. Thus, companies are always running after such professionals. Professionals requirea lot of analytical skills for this role. They are the forbearers of domain knowledge in the subject.
  • Data Visualization Experts also play a very important role in this field. They are people who have the capabilities to design, develop, and support the various kinds of data in an organization. They design and conceptualize the data to produce graphical visualization.
  • Machine Learning Engineers also play a very important role in Careers in Big Data. They develop data analysis software. This enables many processes to run without any human intervention.
  • Business Intelligence Engineers have the required expertise to deal in reporting tools that are used in warehouses. They are able to handle many complex issues.
  • Business Analytics Specialists help in the development of test scripts and perform several testing functions. They also undertake business research to solve many problems and also advise cost-effective measures to companies.
  • Machine Learning Specialists also offer another lucrative opportunity in the careers in Bigdata. This function is performed by people who work in research and development.

The Big data market is really huge today. There are so many lucrative opportunities that you will be spoilt for choice. There is a huge demand for personnel who are able to handle large amounts of data. By the year 2020, the figures are bound to reach 700,000. A career in this stream hasfactors that you need to take care of. The basics should be learnt properly. Then only, you can understand the data. There are some basic tools in big data that you are ought to master. So, you have to ascertain that as well. Careers in Big Data are simply increasing day by day.

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