With products needing protection with tamper-evident bottles and labels that ensure secure packaging and uncompromised products, there are a number of options, from plastic and glass tamper-evident bottles to labels and caps with high-quality seals.

Why Use Tamper-Evident Bottles?

Taking extra precautions in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries builds trust and confidence in the product and the company. Using tamper-evident bottles ensures the welfare of consumers. Whether it's hazardous liquids such as bleach in a plastic bottle or children's cough medication in amber glass bottles, tamper-evident bottles are a precaution from potential harm.

Tamper-Evident Bottles: Sealed for Safety

Products protected through regulation, such as pharmaceuticals, can have safety seals on labels that are custom-designed to suit any product line. Caps and glass or plastic tamper-evident bottles with a continuous thread make closure quick and easy--a benefit for fast-paced environments such as pharmacies or veterinary clinics. When child or animal safety is a concern, tamper-evident caps with quality paper seals ensure the product is not compromised. Bottles with PP screw-top caps with a pressure-sensitive seal as a safety feature.

Benefits of Tamper-Evident Bottles

When the freshness of your product is key, plastic snap-screw tamper-evident caps, where the ring is left on the neck of the glass bottle, are suitable for milk or other fresh produce. This displays to the consumer that the seal has stayed intact from the farm to the shelf. Freshness is essential for energy drinks too, and tamper-evident beverage bottles with sports caps are one option to consider, and they help extend shelf life.

Berlin Packaging Offers Streamlined Supply

Berlin Packaging has more than 900 suppliers in the supply chain around the globe and track product quality and delivery, no matter the scale of the order. This reduces lead time, helps keep costs within budget, and ensures high-quality goods.

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