Tottle bottles are plastic tubes that stand on their head cap. Plastic tottle bottles are commonly used for beauty and hygiene products, and most are made with medium density polyethylene (MDPE), as the plastic is shock-absorbent and shatter-resistant. 

Features of Tottle Bottles

Tottle bottles come in different capacities, and some feature handy hang tabs for store display. Use small tottle tubes with hang tabs for packaging sunscreen and bug spray, and to make it easy to carry them on a lanyard during outdoor activity. Tottle containers feature all the benefits of other plastic bottles, including flexibility and durability. With an appropriate cap, they also seal air-tight and are leak-resistant. Plastic tottle tubes without hang tabs are available in natural and white.

Packaging Ideas For Plastic Tottle Tubes

Package body wash, shampoo, hair gel, and miscellaneous hygiene products in squeezable plastic tottle bottles. Unlike many traditional health and beauty bottles, tottle tubes stand on their heads to keep the product ready to dispense. Matched with flip-top lids, tottle bottles with caps dispense product conveniently and efficiently. The plastic is also easier to grip when wet. Tottle tubes are also used for lotion, hand-sanitizer gel, and other health and beauty products.

Benefits of Using Tottle Bottles With Caps

When considering caps and closures, threaded necks on tottle tubes can support several types. The caps also help to seal in a product, while keeping potentially damaging foreign contaminants out. Additionally, choosing flat caps of any style helps tottle tubes stack well on shelves, and may prevent the product from jostling during transit. The tubes also offer manufacturers 360-degree labeling possibilities, which provides plenty of surface area for required labeling, and showy graphics. Consider shrink-wrap or vinyl peel and stick labels to showcase your brand, and select from a few colored caps to match your design.

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