Burgundy wine bottles are available in cork and ROPE neck finishes, in both clear and green colored glass. Green colored glass wine bottles help filter UV light, and prevent oxidation in wine and other spirits. Glass is also impermeable and non-porous, and helps prevent air, dust, and foreign objects from damaging products.

Benefits of Packaging in Burgundy Wine Bottles

Burgundy wine bottles are made of durable moisture-resistant glass to help prevent discoloration and premature aging of wine and spirits. Colored glass wine bottles are beautiful to look at, and support a variety of labeling and design options. Glass wine bottles have a large 360-degree surface that supports acid etching, and a variety of other design options.

Differences Between ROPE and Cork Finish Wine Bottles

The right closure can affect the freshness, taste, and aging process of wine, as well as the product appearance. Cork finish colored glass wine bottles offer a traditional look and feel to your product. Standard colmated, BPA-free wine corks are made to function like natural cork. When natural corks are high-quality and air-tight, they can last up to eight years. Colmated corks offer a smoother finish and can match the lifespan of natural cork. Additionally, wine bottle shrink capsules can protect the cork. ROPE finish wine bottles use roll-on pilfer evident caps that require industrial capping machines to seal them tightly. Roll on pilfer evident caps are a cost-effective replacement for cork, and can also provide more area for branding or graphics.

Benefits of Buying Glass Bottles in Bulk

Glass bottles are made using highly renewable resources, making them an accessible and sustainable source of packaging. Keep burgundy wine bottles on hand to avoid costly stalls on packaging lines. Ordering wine bottles in bulk helps keep packaging lines running, and saves your company money.

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