Metal paint cans are a moisture- and rust-resistant packaging option for paint and other viscous materials. They can also be used to mix industrial materials like cement or plaster for home projects. Increase your product's shelf-life with UV-resistant metal paint cans with lids. Package industrial painting products in paint cans with handles that can hang off ladders, scaffolds, posts, or hooks. 

Benefits of Using Metal Paint Cans

Metal paint cans are available in sizes from 4 ounces to 1 gallon, and they're made of lightweight, durable material. Some unlined paint cans are reusable, and all cans are resealable to help preserve the consistency of leftover products. When packaging low-viscosity products like varnish and sealants, it's recommended to use lined paint cans. The lining helps make the cans leak-resistant and decreases the affect low-viscosity products may have on the container material. Metal packaging also helps control the temperature of certain products. Order empty paint cans in bulk to keep your packing inventory stocked.

Uses for Metal Paint Cans With Lids

Aside from paint and other related materials, metal paint cans are a good packaging option for a variety of products. Locking rings on paint can lids help prevent spills and create an airtight seal to keep the contents in usable condition and contamination-free. Consider using empty tin-plated paint cans as packaging for fine art kits. Fill the cans with tubes of oil or acrylic-based paints, colored pencils, erasers, paint brushes, and other art tools to create a unique marketing opportunity.

Quality Packaging at Competitive Prices

Get your packaging on time and in excellent shape so you can keep your production line running smoothly. Berlin Packaging provides quality packaging materials from a network of over 900 suppliers worldwide. Choose from a variety of metal, plastic, glass, paper, and other durable packaging options.

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