Creative Financing Solutions

Below-market-rates lending for capital expenditures – no fees, no points, no hidden costs.

Grow Your Business at 0% Interest

We loan money to customers at 0% interest to make capital expenditures, and we do this in exchange for new packaging business. Customers pay us back either in the piece price or through a payment plan.

Berlin Financial Services

The Possibilities Are Endless

New Markets

Enter New

Square Footage

Add Square

Upgrade Systems


Aging Equipment

Replace Aging

Filling-Line Equipment

Add Packaging or
Filling-Line Equipment

Upgrade Capping

Upgrade Capping
and Labeling Equipment

Berlin Financial Services in Action

“Berlin Packaging has always been there for us. When we needed new custom molds and machinery, Berlin came through with a BFS financing program that helped us maintain our growth trend, kept line speeds above demand, and greatly increased our price competitiveness. BFS is just one more way Berlin has delivered on their corporate-partnership philosophy with great originality and enthusiasm.”

– President, Food Company

Investing in Our Customers' Bottom Line Growth

Whether you need to lease or purchase, Berlin Financial has the resources to help you get the equipment you need now – without tapping your existing credit lines or disrupting your cash flow. And because of our 100+ years of experience in the packaging industry, we can help you select the right equipment to meet your specific needs.

  • 0% interest-rate financing
  • No financing fees, points, or hidden costs
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Preserve your bank credit lines
  • Minimize risk and capital expenses
  • Protect you from equipment obsolescence
  • Reduce debt service costs
Investing in Our Customers' Bottom Line Growth