High-pressure processing (HPP) is a popular method of bottling for fruit and vegetable juices and other beverages. HPP bottles are specifically designed to hold up to high-pressure processing techniques. Cold press bottles that are HPP compliant help protect contents from harmful bacteria while preserving color and taste. Order bulk beverage bottles to keep production moving and help prevent the introduction of foreign materials to sitting batches of product.

Learning About HPP Bottles

HPP bottles help preserve product integrity and quality without additives since no heat is necessary for the packing process. Using durable cold pressed juice bottles also preserves the beneficial vitamins found in fruits and vegetables. To be HPP verified, cold press bottles must meet shelf life and microbiological criteria and must also be paired with HPP-compatible caps. Please test with your specific product to ensure proper performance. PET beverage bottles work well with HPP packaging methods because together they help block harmful pathogens to ensure food keeps well and meets export standards.

Cold Press Bottles Extend Shelf-Life

Cold press bottles used in HPP reduce the need to include additives so you can keep your beverages additive-free for health-conscious consumers. HPP bottles also help extend shelf-life with no thermal treatment. Purchasing bulk beverage bottles for HPP, which include certain PET plastic bottles, can help manufacturing companies keep producing and bottling product with minimal downtime. Cold press bottles are economical to manufacture and recyclable, so they are also a sustainable resource. 

Quality Matters

Supply chain experts expect quality product packaging that arrives on time and on budget. Berlin Packaging's Quality Service Division is here to make sure your supply chain stays strong. The company provides regulatory compliance consulting, food safety certification consulting, and design manufacturing assessments to ensure quality is the primary focus in your supply chain management process. Let Berlin Packaging manage your supply needs so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

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