Beer bottles come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be used to store more than alcoholic beverages. They are also a good fit for packaging oils, vinegar, juice, or other liquid products. Choose from glass bottles in different colors that can be paired with a variety of practical closures.

Use Glass Beer Bottles

Glass has long been a popular choice for packaging beer because of its nonporous and impermeable qualities, which keep contaminants from penetrating glass bottles and altering contents. Amber beer bottles keep light exposure to a minimum by filtering the sun's rays. Glass does not form chemical reactions, preserving the flavor and odor of your product. Choose from traditional bottles with long necks, or growlers which hold a higher capacity and come with finger loops for easy carrying. Clear beer bottles are available with bale wire swing-top caps which provide quick and easy closure to tightly seal off contents from air exposure.

What Other Types of Beer Bottles and Accessories Are Available?

Pair beer bottles with classic, aluminum crimp-on caps that are lined to better preserve beverages. Phenolic tops are a good fit for growlers, as they are easy to screw on or off. Apart from glass, you can also find stainless steel growlers that have double walls and vacuum-insulated bodies to prevent condensation, and keep beverages cool for longer periods of time. Use plastic growlers that come with built-in handles for easy pouring. Handheld beer bottle cappers save time, and increase capping productivity.

Additional Services Offered

Berlin Packaging provides many extra services such as warehousing and label design. They even offer management consulting to help you achieve your business goals, and reduce expenses. They will work with you to define your vision, and implement strategies to meet targets in marketing, operations, and sales.

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