Chemical bottles come in a variety of materials like impact-resistant plastic and strong steel. They are a good fit for storing products such as chemicals, lubricants, paints, pesticides, and cleaners. These bottles come in many different sizes, and can be paired with practical closures that ensure product integrity, and prevent contents from leaking.

What Plastic Chemical Bottles Are Available?

Durable and lightweight plastic bottles provide good packaging for chemicals because they are shatter-resistant, which helps to prevent potentially hazardous materials from spilling when the product is dropped. Choose from industrial bottles with twin necks and a built-in dispensing chamber so you can measure and pour without any additional equipment. Some even have a special lid and base construction that allows you to stack them, saving storage space, and maximizing shipping costs. Plastic chemical bottles can have needle tip droppers that dispense liquids in exact amounts to prevent product waste, or vented tops that ensure there's no build up of gases.

What Additional Industrial And Chemical Bottles Are Available?

When considering containers for industrial use, use uniquely-shaped items such as caulking tubes that have plungers to provide easy dispensing. Fit chemical bottles with trigger sprayer tops that release products in a mist, or tamper-evident caps that provide extra protection from alteration. Grease cartridges used with grease guns have ring tops that allow for easy opening. Cans made from steel are sturdy and resist corrosion, making them another good choice for storing and shipping chemicals. They can come with dauber or brush caps, both of which allow you to apply contents with precision. Select bottles may be UN rated, allowing you to ship chemicals or other products internationally.

Benefits of Choosing Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging provides many additional services, including label design and warehousing options. Their team of professionals will also provide supply chain management by maintaining your stock levels, tracking deliveries, and ensuring product quality.

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