Home and industrial cleaners need packaging that matches the product's function. Plastic spray bottles for soap and other light cleaners, and jugs or buckets for bulk or professional-strength cleaning materials make it easy to use products directly from the package. Available in a variety of styles, capacities and colors, these home care bottles and other packaging options will ensure that your product stays sealed and safe on the shelf, and ready to use. 

Container Styles

Large plastic buckets are good for storing industrial cleaning materials, and other items like cat litter or paint, while industrial bottles make it easy to pour and measure cleaning supplies. A variety of cleaners, like kitchen and bathroom scrubbing products, work best in plastic spray bottles, while plastic cylinder bottles are better for liquids that need to be poured or diluted. Industrial grab-n-go jugs make it easy to pour things like bleach or detergent, and classic Boston round plastic bottles are compatible with many types of closures. Once you choose your container, you can also select the ideal closure, including trigger sprayers, cut away lids, and EZ open styles.

Plastic Types

PET plastic has excellent clarity, and good resistance to breakage, making it a good choice for cleaning products when you want to display the liquid inside. For a more durable and impact-resistant container, HDPE and LDPE bottles are good options that will protect the materials inside from moisture and varying temperatures. PP plastic bottles are also shatterproof and heat resistant. 

Management Consulting

Berlin wants to help your business grow in all aspects, so in addition to packaging solutions, we also offer professional management consulting and strategic planning services, helping to define your business and vision. By helping you to improve everything from customer service and marketing to IT and human resources, we can help you ensure that your product gets to market effectively, and remains a strong brand from production to sales. 

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