Beverage bottles are most commonly made from glass or plastic, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can pair them with many different types of closures, including tamper-evident caps that allow you to easily notice when products have been compromised. Consider threaded or snap-on caps that provide quick and easy opening. Beverage bottles can also be fitted with sports caps that have spouts with small openings to avoid spilling, and which can be easily pushed down to close the bottle. These usually come with overcaps to keep the spout clean.

Choosing Glass Beverage Bottles

A strong and durable option, glass beverage bottles are nonporous, protecting products from contaminants, and ensuring that contents maintain their original odor and flavor. Glass does not leach chemicals into products, and it maintains its quality and rigidity even after repeated use, making glass bottles a popular package. Choose from square-shaped bottles that offer space for multiple labels and decals, or clear beverage bottles that come with attractive bale wire closures. Some bottles have ribbed sides for better gripping and easy pouring.

Choosing Plastic Beverage Bottles

Plastic is a lightweight material that can reduce shipping-related expenses. Plastic bottles are also shatter-resistant, reducing breakage and product waste. They are an effective package for beverages like juice, milk, and water, as well as non-food liquids. Many plastic beverage containers have built-in handles for easy carrying. Some are contour-shaped, which works well with shrink sleeves to advertise your brand, or give product information. Others are square-shaped and save storage and shipping space. Plastic bottles can come with bottom paneling for extra strength, or smooth label panels for branding.

What Additional Services Are Provided?

Berlin Packaging provides additional services such as label design and management consulting. They will ensure quality services when it comes to choosing suppliers and reducing waste. They even have an on-site laboratory for testing products for quality and consistency.

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