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Beauty Brands Benefit from Customized Stock Packaging

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: August 25, 2022

Beauty Packaging

Due to fierce competition, beauty brands need to stand out on the shelf. But custom packaging has longer lead times and may be too costly because of the tooling. Stock packaging, which is available quickly and more budget-friendly, can be personalized and decorated to create a semi-custom package, reports an article in Beauty Packaging.

Andrea Ucchino, Head of Design and Marketing, Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries, says brand marketers should remember that stock packaging is not all alike. "When a brand chooses our standards, they benefit from our many years of R&D experience and design research — combined with our Italian love of beautiful things," he says. Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries offers standard packaging options that range from simple bottles and jars to complex airless systems.

The team at Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries says that over the last year, its "Heavy," "Infusion," and "Airglass" collections are most in demand. "Our Airglass collection is a complete standard range of airless solutions in glass — and an ideal package to protect a formulation from contamination. It is refillable and recyclable," says Ucchino.

Decoration and semi-customization can make all the difference, notes Ucchino. "Use design to give a standard package a strong point of differentiation," he advises. "It’s an ideal fast, cost-effective way to make a standard package look amazing," he says.

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